There are a remarkable number of videos and documentaries on Tonga that this page will attempt to present, collate and analyse in relation to the value of video in Tonga.


A great short film  written and directed by Paul Stoll called ‘TAVAKE’ on the  dilemmas of being a young man.

See also Dot’s Death, a 20min film made by Stan Wolfgramm.



A wonderful documentary on Professor Futa Helu and Atenisi University called ‘Tongan Ark‘ was released in 2012.



Traumfischer: Das Südsee-Abenteuer -4 episode series first screened in 2014 on two families living in Ha’apai.


3 thoughts on “Video in/on Tonga

  1. I would like to Congratulate you guys for a job well done…..

    Congratulations… I’m impressed…

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to see more short films like this about Tonga soon.

    S. ‘Isama’u

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