Tinitini Crying
Tinitini Crying

Tinitini, nicknamed after one of the dogs in his earlier shows, is the main star of Fun(d)raising. It is his journey around his village of Pangaimotu and to Neiafu that helps us understand the origins and reasons for some of his most famous sketches. Unlike most of his comedy companions, he has not married, dedicating himself almost exclusively to fundraising and looking after his family. He has travelled widely in Tonga, New Zealand, Australia and the US to fundraise overseas. He currently lives in Nuku’alofa.


Nicknamed Moala Lahi,  Siua has always seen the fundraising performances as a way to both help the church and his family. He joined in 1994 to fundraise for the Catholic Church in Pangaimotu. He initially found it difficult performing infront of so many people, but gained increasing confidence. The song Salataue, about preparing hulali (sea slug) to eat, became his signature tune. Sadly he died of complications of diabetes.


Falanise is from Pangaimotu but also works at the hospital. He has played many key roles in the sketches, but is perhaps most famous for the energy and beauty of his tulafale, danced behind a young woman performing the single tau’olunga.


Pote was one of the original performers and though he does not appear in any of the filmed skits, he  has a prominent role in the film explaining the history of some of the performances. He is famous local singer and has his own band, called the Hausia Brothers.


4 thoughts on “Protagonists

  1. just curious if you guys are ever here in america…well im from L.A california, and i go to church at UNITED WITH HOPE METHODIST CHURCH, if you guys are ever in town, don’t be shy and stop by…we have have tongan congregations here in L.A, many people will love to see you guys perform, and you will get many,lots of support…my email is bigpeipelocc@yahoo.com, my name is vake si’i, and my faifekau(pastor) is Rev. Amelia sivi finau here at north long beach UNITED WITH HOPE umc….love to hear from you guys…bless

  2. k0e fakalata ete si0 hif0 ki he k0niseti a tinitini eeh .. i remember back than me and my mum use t0 g0 watch tinitini’s c0ncert ..just because grandpa Tevita a.k.a tinitini’s is mum’s uncle nd Falanisi Foliaki is mum’s lil br0ther iL0VEyou uncle and grandpa L0ADS h0pe g0d will bless us with s0 many years ke tau t0e fesiofaki moui ai

    much love
    Misipa and the kids

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