At No Mind 2012 an episode of the popular TV-Norge presenter led series Ari Og Per was filmed at Angsbacka. Having been drawn to Angsbacka because of Three Miles North of Molkom, and made a filmic response, I was naturally very curious about the production and how they would represent Angsbacka. I decided to volunteer to be in the episode if I could and to video what I could of the filming of the episode. I also interviewed David Matthews a year later about his experience of being filmed in the featured sharing group.

This page develops an analysis of the Ari Og Per episode from the perspective of representing Angsbacka and is also a teaching resource for my visual anthropology theory class, in which I refer to this episode.


Three clips are available online.

First Clip-Arriving in Angsbacka

Translation-With thank to Mariel Kvaale

Depression is one of today’s major world problems. At the No Mind festival, they believe that all change must begin with yourself/ in yourself. It has been said, that the festival works better than happiness pills ! But how long does it last? And can the festival contribute to some solutions for the world? In any case, I am excited to see if Per and I will come out as better persons after a week of camping and self-inqueries. If the festival really can contribute to a healing prosess; the world could be a slightly better place, for a lot of people.

Norwegian: Ari : “Hvilke issues vil du først og fremst jobbe med ?” Per: Jeg har ingen issues. Ari: jeg tror deg ikke, sorry ! Min selvdestruktivitet, det er det jeg har lyst å jobbe med ! for jeg ødelegger for meg selv veldig ofte, når det går som best for meg selv. Per: Ja, vi er jo ganske like der, må jeg si. jeg brare tenkte ikke på det , som an issue. (Ari ler. ) Per: Nå begynner vi å nærem oss, føler jeg. Jeg føler liksom sånne vibrasjoner (Begge ler litt). Det gjør kanskje ikke du ? Ari: Det har jeg kjent lenge, Per. Per (ser skiltet): Ängsbacka ! Eller står det Angst-backa ?!


English translation: Ari: “What issues do you want to work with?” Per: I have no issues. Ari: I do not believe you, sorry! …My self-destructiveness, that’s what I want to work with! Because too often, I have been ruining /destroying processes for my self, especially when things have been running smoothly for a while. Per: Yes, we’re pretty equal when it comes to that ! I just did not think about it as an issue. (Ari laughs.) Per: Now , I can feel that we are approaching the festival. I can feel some special vibrations (both smile a little). Don’t you feel it, too ? Ari: I have felt them for a long time, Per.Per (seeing the sign Ängsbacka): Ängsbacka!


Or1:22 Per: I have to say I feel very skeptical about all this. I do not swallow it raw/ I do not believe everything just like that. (Ari sings while parking the car. He goes out, and walks straight over to a woman in front of a caravan). Ari: Look at you ! Here, life looks lovely. (Shaking hands) The woman: Welcome to Ängsbacka. Ari: Thank you ! (Per walks over to her, they exchange handshakes. Per: So this is your home then? The woman (Mariels comment: Her name is Sidsel Brandseter, I know her a bit. ): Yes, Ängsbacka feels like my home, even though I am Norwegian. Ari: What do you think is so special with Ängsbacka? The woman: The heart! And the healing energies you may experience here. Tonight there were so strong energies here that I … (Ari takes her hand in her. The woman shows how the energy pulsed in and out of her heart.) The woman: Honestly, that was what happened ! (Per sort of laughs). Ari: “We’ll have to go and get our things. (Per and Ari starts to walk away from her.) Ari: Bye then ! The woman: Bye, bye! does it say “Angst-backa” ?! ( “Angst” in Norwegian , means anxiety, fear) .

2:15 (The woman says something to her dog). Ari to Per: What is happening to you? Why are you so skeptical? I think you should let it go ! Remember: You love the Woodstock Festival ! Think about this, as : Woodstock meets Momarkedet (a popular festival in Norway). Per (talking to the camera): I’ve been pushed to join Ari here. (The 2 men walks over to the check-in area. Per talks into the camera: )All these feelings and all the hugging/giving embraces going on; this is not going to be easy for me to handle. (Mariel is giving Per a hug). Mariel: You are now going to receive an Ängsbacka hug (They’re hugging). Voice over, Aris voice: Ängsbacka is well known for its looong hugs. The open atmosphere here hits us as soon as we get out of the car. (Mariel and Ari is hugging) .Voice over, Ari’s voice: It feels amazing … And a little intrusive .


Second Clip-The Fire Walk

Third Clip-The Sweat Lodge