The Efficacy of Plants and the Efficacy of Video

‘All plants have practical value. If we take care of our natural surroundings they can provide us with what we need to thrive.’ (Ruha Fifita )

‘Aonga, or efficacy, is at the heart of the tapa design and underlies the intentions and hope for the film and transmedia site.

How can the explanations and accounts of this website be of practical value to different organisations taking more action and responsibility for positive social change in health care communication? What is the practical value of medical explanations of why Fine’eiki died and for whom? What do they reveal and how can we act to improve health communication for others? How can video be used to facilitate diagnosis and communication, mediate understanding between practitioners, prompt deeper reflection, present critical judgement and suggest new strategies.

This section explores the idea of efficacy of plant remedies and the social efficacy and usefulness of video. Just as plant remedies help re-establish valued connection to loved ones, video can facilitate healing through connecting people across oceans.  It can also connect people to deceased relatives and to former selves (through archival video). Another question how feedback and collaboration is ‘aonga and vital to transformative film-making?

Here are some areas and questions for exploration:

  1. What is the Tongan idea of efficacy, see my article on efficacy. . If the efficacy of plants is grounded in the act of giving Tonga to God by King Tupou I in the act of tuku fonua, where does the efficacy of videos gets its power from? How does the value of video for Emeline Lolohea and in Tonga relate to those ideas of efficacy?
  2. What other examples are there of how video is ‘aonga in Tonga?  Two of my filmic inspirations are Tongan Ark and For My Father’s Kingdom. What have they achieved in Tongan terms of efficacy.
  3. How much attention and thought do people invest in dealing and understanding failures of treatment and care. Where is blame directed, if at all?
  4. Who is the audience for these videos? Who can make use of these videos for positive change.

Prompted by feedback this section will explore the wider issues prompted by Fine’eiki and Tevita Lolohea’s tragic deaths and develop more materials to make Dr Alani Tangitau’s frank explanations more useful for medical training.

We will also need to explore the acceptance of death as the result of illness to understand why there may be little legal pressure to improve doctor patient communication.

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