The Artists

Ruha and Minaira Fifita-Australia

Ruha Fifita was interviewed as part of the World Bank flagship report series Pacific Possible. You can learn more about her here.  Here is another interview from Bahai Teachings. Ruha Fifita is affiliated with:

Griffith Asia Institute 

Queensland Art Gallery

Minaira Fifita is an artist whose work aspires to reflect her love of creation and faith in the unity of humanity. Her style of creativity blends together her Polynesian and Celtic roots and experiences of vibrancy, balance and harmony within the Pacific and her spiritual beliefs as a Bahá’i.

Ruha Fifita was part of a unique tapa production called Koe Hala hangatonu. It was featured on Tagata Pasifika below:

The Klynt Designer

Jakob Gross- Fink Films-Berlin, Germany

Project Pouono as an interactive transmedia project was inspired by Elderscapes, an i-documentary designed by Jakob Gross for a project called ‘Aging in Urban South Asia’ for the University of Heidelberg. Jakob Gross is a documentary filmmaker based in Berlin and director of Fink Films . Our conversations on the concept two years before funding was granted were vital to defining what and what not possible to present using this interactive medium. Elderscapes helped me imagine what was possible and the collaboration with Jakob Gross delivered a project which found a clear structure from many video resources available to me.

Partner Organisations

All royalties from video on demand sales will be donated to the following NGO(s) to support the use of the documentary and allied resources for the improvement of health communication and social health outcomes for the global Tongan community:

Aotearoa Tongan Health Workers Association (ATHWA) – Akiheuho

Tongan Mental Health and Disabilities Association (TMHDA).

Teaching Collaborations

We are developing the use of Project Pouono with the following people and institutions:

Professor Dr Siosiua LafitaniLo’au University, Tonga

Dr Lola Quan Bautista –Centre for Pacific Island Studies– University of Hawaii

Dr Jessica Hardin- Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Dr Tarryn Philips- La Trobe University, Australia

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK