I’m very happy to say that I’m coming back to New Zealand and Tonga next week and staying till mid September. I’ll be looking for venues to show Fun(d)raising as a tribute to Siua Tutone and looking into developing a documentary on the subject of comedy, diabetes and health promotion. Any suggestions welcome. It is a sad time to return with the tragic ferry accident in the international news.

One thought on “Return to Tonga-August 2009

  1. Hey there Dr Poltorak – great to have you with us. Sad to miss the public Talanga but we’ll have someone take footage so I can edit it for our website. Don’t worry they won’t film the documentary :). I’ve just sent out the press release and placed an ad for the Talanga on the Talaki for this week. Invites will be sent out tomorrow.

    Break a leg!

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