How wonderful it was when Tinitini’s brother gave me a DVD with video footage of a Tinitini concert in 1988. I had filed it away for years imagining making another short documentary incorporating some footage. Meanwhile no-one could see it. A crime for those interested in Tongan comedy and remembering back to 1988. We have so many potential documentaries in us, but how many see the light of day!!! While I decide what I can focus on, why not make it available and see what other people make of it, and where their interest lie. A documentary guided by feedback, I feel, is more likely to be in tune with the interests of social health.

I think it would be fascinating to put the concerts from 1988 and 1998 next to each other and see how different they are? But  I am open to other suggestions that would link more to how the video might link people in time and space.

It was wonderful also to see Pote performing in 1988.